undergrad cell bio course advice

charles dunn cddunn at monk.austin.cc.tx.us
Wed Mar 15 03:45:25 EST 1995

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I teach a freshman cellular & molecular biology course and am also looking
for a relevant news group.  Cutting-edge research is not appropiate, but
I do ned to hear about significant new developements.

: Hi -- Could anybody recommend a good newsgroup for finding information about
: designing an undergraduate one semester cell biology course?  My only 
: experience has been team teaching in a graduate level cell biology course that
: mostly reflected the research interests of the faculty at a medical school. 
: Any advice is gratefully accepted.

: Judy Rae Churchill, Dept. of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Medical College of PA &
: Hahnemann University, Philadelphia, PA
: churchillj at hal.hahnemann.edu

: Churchill, Judy                 
: CHURCHILLJ at hal.hahnemann.edu

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