Immortalised/stable/Endothelail cell lines

Washington dos Santos spkawds at
Tue Mar 21 13:41:41 EST 1995

In article <3kfbql$iq at>, michael.micksche at (Thomas Mohr) says:
>In article <JEB.Harrison-1603951501120001 at>, JEB.Harrison at (Jane E B Harrison) says:
>>I heard of some stable or immortalised endotheial cell lines (from
>>brain?), but I can't remeber where and I can't find any refs to it.
>>Was i dreaming?  Do such things exist?  Can I give up primary cell
>>culture, or will this continue to be a yoke around my neck.

Dr John Greenwood, from the Institute of Ophtalmology, London, displayed
(in during the last European Neuroimmunology meeting, in Amsterdam) 
some pictures of a brain endothelial cell line (GP8) recently achieved in
his lab.

Theses cell are in final phase of characterization, and so far presents most
of the characteristics of the original (first passage) cultures.


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