Centromere protein antibodies

cristof at civich.ottawa.on.ca cristof at civich.ottawa.on.ca
Tue Mar 21 15:50:44 EST 1995


I am working on several lines of zebrafish/mouse somatic cell hybrids.
These cell lines usually contain only one or two zebrafish chromosome
fragments on a mouse background.  Most of the these chromosome fragments
appear to be translocated to a mouse chromosome and in most cases possess
the zebrafish centromere.

I would like to determine if there is a functional centromere from both
mouse and zebrafish in these chromosomes initially by looking for the
presence of centromeric proteins (ie.  do mouse centromeric proteins bind
to the zebrafish centromere.

Does anyone out there have antibodies for these proteins and would be
willing to share.  I am especially interested in CENP-A and CENP-B (which
appears to be the most conserved).

Thanks for any help.

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