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Wed Mar 22 14:56:00 EST 1995

I am interested in the putative role of cyclic ADP-ribose (cADPR) in calcium
release in the heart.  This interest stems from a 1993 paper (Meszaros, L. G.
et al. (1993) "Cyclic ADP-ribose as an endogenous regulator of the
non-skeletal type ryanodine receptor Ca2+ channel", Nature 364, 76-79.), which
indicates that cADPR Ca2+ release may be a tissue-selective mechanism, i.e.,
cardiac as opposed to skeletal muscle.  However, there are some more recent
papers (Fruen, B. R. et al. (1994) "Cyclic ADP-ribose does not affect cardiac
or skeletal muscle ryanodine recpetors", FEBS Letters 352, 123-126;
Sitsapesan, R. et al. (1994) "Cyclic ADP-ribose competes with ATP for the
adenine nucleotide binding site on the cardiac ryanodine receptor Ca2+-release
channel", Circ. Res. 75, 596-600; Morrissette, J. et al. (1993) "Cyclic
ADP-ribose induced Ca2+ release in rabbit skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic
reticulum", FEBS Letters 330, 270-274) that question the role and significance
of cADPR in cardiac tissue.  Does anyone else share my "state of confusion"
about cardiac cADPR and/or could you shed some more light on this?
David W. Green

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