cAMP-sensitive fluorescent dyes?

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Fri Mar 24 10:47:12 EST 1995

Mr Paul Schaeffer <Paul.SCHAEFFER at> wrote:
> Hello out there,
> Somebody told me recently that cAMP-sensitive fluorescent dyes are now available, but he couldn't remember where to get them. Has anybody heard about that? Seems  too good to be true to me!
> Any information will be more than greatly appreciated!
> Paul
> <Paul.Schaeffer at>

There was a report a couple years ago in Nature 

Adams, S. R., A. T. Harootunian, Y. J. Buechler, S. S. Taylor, and 
R. Y. Tsien. 1991. Fluorescence ratio imaging of cyclic AMP in 
single cells. Nature 349:694-697.

They labelled the R and C subunits of A kinase with different dyes
then measured the decrease in energy transfer as the subunits dissociated
on binding cAMP. This resulted in a dequenching and an increase 
in fluorescence.

I recently saw an ad from some company that appeared to be using
this method. Unfortunately I don't recall the details (i.e. which
company). You might contact Roger Tsien or Susan Taylor to find
out who they sold the license to (as I suspect that is the

Rick Neubig

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