Immortalised/stable/Endothelail cell lines

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Wed Mar 22 18:07:14 EST 1995

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Jane E B Harrison <JEB.Harrison at> wrote:
>I heard of some stable or immortalised endotheial cell lines (from
>brain?), but I can't remeber where and I can't find any refs to it.
>Was i dreaming?  Do such things exist?  Can I give up primary cell
>culture, or will this continue to be a yoke around my neck.
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I have seen and we have some immoprtalized endothelial cells, not from brain
though, there are quite a few that were derived from mouse tissue like
skin,etc. If you want I can give you the names of the people who will give you
some cells.

Dowdy Jackson
Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology

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