Looking for Info on CHO cells

Dewman dewey at peptide.chem.unc.edu
Sat Mar 25 00:35:14 EST 1995

I am looking for general reference info on all aspects of cell bio,cell
culture, protein expression fro CHO cells.  I am an organic chemist
(defending my thesis in two weeks) and I am going to use CHO cells to
produce an enzyme recombinantly when I start my post-doc in a couple of

I have little experience in this field (or in cell biology in general) and
am looking to start reading before I get to my postdoc.  Also if you can
suggest general cell bio/mol bio texts I would be eternally grateful.  I'm
getting my PhD in organic with an emphasis in peptide chemistry and
inorganic chemistry if I can return the favor.

Thans in advance,

dewey mccafferty

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