Resuscitating a Hybridoma line

Susanne Gollin gollin at MED.PITT.EDU
Sun Mar 26 08:48:42 EST 1995

I hate to bring this up, but as a cytogeneticist, I am frequently asked
at the last minute before a publication is submitted, or as a result of
a reviewer suggestion, to karyotype a cell line that has been grown on
conditioned medium or a feeder layer and then used for immunologic or
biochemical analyses in a series of experiments.  More often than not,
we find the conditioning cells or the feeder layer (which were also
karyotyped as a control) rather than the experimental cells.  These
occurrences have been in very eminent laboratories under the most
careful of conditions.  Therefore, I recommend carefully monitoring
cell lines grown under these conditions by karyotyping (which also
rules out any karyotypic evolution in vitro) or quicker, but less
informatively, DNA fingerprinting.

Susanne Gollin
Department of Human Genetics
Univeristy of Pittsburgh

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