Peter French p.french at ARNIE.CFI.UNSW.EDU.AU
Sun Mar 26 18:34:31 EST 1995

> -Can anyone out there suggest a simple method for getting 3T3 to 
>adhere to glass coverslips for immunofluorescence experiments?  I 
>have tried poly-lysine coating the coverslips but the cells still 
>tend to come off.  Thanks.
>-Sharon Powell
>Sharon K. Powell
>Assistant Research Scientist
>Department of Zoology
>University of Maryland, College Park

I have two suggestions - 
1. ensure coverslips are free of grease by acid cleaning followed by
ethanol. In my experience 3T3's will grow on these.If not, try coating with
2. Why not use multi-well chamber slides from Nunc? These work very well
and are ideal for immunofluorescence?

Good luck

Peter French, Centre for Immunology, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney

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