Acetyated tubulin

Rene Harrison rharris at
Sun Mar 26 12:28:34 EST 1995


   I am currently writing my MSc thesis and have run into a problem dealing 
with posttranslational modifications of tubulin.  It may just be a semantic 
problem of the term stable "subset".  If a high proportion of MTs are 
acetylated but not detyrosinated does it follow that they must then be 
tyrosinated assuming that they are translated with a tyrosine at the 
carboxy-end?  And would they then be considered a stable subset although they 
are tyrosinated?  I have done a fairly extensive literature review but I have 
yet to see this problem addressed directly either because i) it is assumed or 
ii) I missed something.
    Any suggestions would be very helpful.  You can reply directly to my 
E-mail address.

  Thank you kindly,

  Rene Harrison
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