Sea Urchin Eggs: Fertilization and PI cycle

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Tue Mar 28 01:11:46 EST 1995

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>I been looking all over for an experiment that looks at the role of the
>Phosphatidylinositol(PI) cycle in fertilization in sea urchin eggs, using Li+'s
>ability of blocking the conversion of myinositol-1-phosphate to myoinisitol.
>Any information or references would be greatly appreciated.

>					Mike Acab
>					York University
>					Toronto, Ontario

The only article that springs to mind came from Nature last year
(Vol 368:875-878, 28 April 1994). It's kinda close to what you want,
I think. It looks at the PI cycle in one-cell sea urchin embryos, showing
its correlation with the ca2+ cycle, but they mention at the end
about using anti-PtdInsP2. Not really Li+ at all.

oh, and the authors were Ciapa, Pesando, Wilding and Whitaker.

Abbie Widin

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