late endosomal markers?

Samuel A. Green sag4y at
Thu Mar 30 18:07:00 EST 1995

It is true that lamp-1 is found in late endosomes by
immuno-gold labeling.  The concentration is so low relative to
the concentration in lysosomes that by fractionation or
immunofluorescence, it is essentially undetectable in late
endosomes.  In most cell types, cation-independent mannose
6-phosphate receptor is much more concentrated in late
endosomes than in early endosomes, and is virtually absent from
lysosomes.  At the level of immunofluorescence, lamp-1 and MPR
are non-overlapping.  As such, MPR is a pretty good late
endosome marker.  Several groups have made excellent antibodies
to this protein (since I am not among them, I would suggest a
quick literature search), and they are quite generous with them.

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