wierd cell culture contam

Jason Kantor kantor at husc7.harvard.edu
Fri Mar 31 16:46:54 EST 1995

C.J. Hussussian, MD (cjh at nchgr.nih.gov) wrote:
: I am having a persistant and frustrating contamination problem with my
: tissue culture. I am doing double transfections in MELANOMA cell lines
: grown in DMEM. It seems that after a couple of weeks (the timing is
: random), I begin to see black dots in the medium. 
Hmmmm...My guess is that your melanoma cells are producing melanin.  
Melanocytes, as you probably know, generate the pigment that contributes 
to those nice tans so rarely seen this time of year in Boston.  Melanoma 
cells often turn media black.  Good Luck! --
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