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Mon May 1 09:06:43 EST 1995

In reply to the request for truffle culture info:

	Contact Dr. Khanaqa at University of Hannover, Germany.
Dr. Khanaqa GmbH & Co. KG, Herrenhauser Str. 62, D-30419, Hannover.
His company sells inoculated oak and hazelnut trees for production of 
Black truffel (100DM ea.), White (100DM), Summer (80DM) and a hybrid of 
White and Black (70DM). They say a first harvest of 40-70 g. per tree 
will take 3-4 years after the tree is planted. 
	This info from PEI Dept Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry. 
Neither they nor I are in any way connected with this company.
	Khanaqa can be reached at:
		Telefon (0511) 79 39 65, 7 62 36 16
		Telefax (0511) 79 39 85, 7 62 36 11

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