Apical membrane receptor regulation of epithelial cells

John D. Valentich shark at sam.neosoft.com
Mon May 1 21:37:38 EST 1995

     Traditionally epithelia are thought to be controlled by
endocrine and neurocrine mediators interacting with BASOLATERAL plasma 
membrane receptors. Clearly, there is another side to this story.

     We are writing a review article with the tentative title,
"Epithelial Functions Regulated by Apical Membrane Receptors". 
Our working table lists over 30 published examples of physiological
responses in epithelia following addition of mediators to the
apical plasma membrane domain.  Major organ systems, such as the
airways, intestines, excretory systems, and male and female
reproductive systems are represented.

     In spite of this emerging literature, a wide appreciation of
this phenomenon is lacking.  The key concept is that apical
receptors participate in the local control of epithelial function. 
We want to compile a complete list of examples in which this
regulatory scheme has been described or suggested.  If you have
observed this phenomenon or have thoughts about its physiological
meaning we would welcome your comments and any information about
your publications, in print or in press. 

Please write either:


John Valentich (SHARK at SAM.NEOSOFT.COM)


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