Lettering for published prints

m. locke mlocke at julian.uwo.ca
Wed May 10 12:11:05 EST 1995

I am in desperate need of a specific set of numbers required to label 
photographic figures I am preparing for a book. This number system I am 
looking for can been seen on all the figures in recent volumes of the 
journal Tissue and Cell. In each figure a black number is placed in the 
centre of a black circle and both the circle and number are placed over a 
white background. In the past these labels have been obtained from a 
company called, Graphic Products Corporation, from California (I think). 
On the bottom of each page of labels the word "Formatt*" and product 
number "No. 6219BW" can be found. 
	If anyone can help me in finding the lettering (especially above 
#50) and/ or the company or a new supplier I would be grateful. Thank you 
for your time.

Bryan H. Clubb


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