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chris at scotgate.demon.co.uk chris at scotgate.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 2 14:34:12 EST 1995

I'm about to start designing a HTML guide on techniques used to study cells, as part,
of my 2nd year of a BSc Molecular Biology course. This will be a follow up to a Cell Atlas,
I did in the first year. In the first one, I used graphics scanned in from books, (not the most
ideal, "copyright" friendly idea:-{ ) 

I would appreciate knowledge of sources where I could get appropriate graphics (BMPs,
Gifs JPG, etc.)

The type of graphics I'm interested in are; Immunofluorescence, all electron micrographs,
etc. and especially freeze fracture type micrographs of membranes. really any type
of cell structure graphics.

When the guide is finished it will be posted, and it will be PD. I've refrained from
posting my original guide for fear of copyright problems.

Any help would be much appreciated.

(2nd year BSc Molecular & Cellular Biology, University of Huddersfield.)

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