Old Centrifuge

John Bohmfalk bohmfalk at tcgcs.com
Tue Nov 7 19:14:45 EST 1995

My institution owns an "antique" Lourdes LRA refrigerated centrifuge with
1 rotor (50 mL tubes, fixed angle).  I have no idea how old it is since
there seems to exist no owners manual, and it has been in the department
longer than any of the current faculty.  Amazingly, this centrifuge still
works, though.

Does anyone have any idea where I might find any additional rotors?  I
would like to find one that would handle larger bottles, particularly, but
I'd be interested in any others, too.  

Any idea whether Lourdes was taken over by Sorvall or Beckman or does the
company still exist or did it just die?  

Any information you could provide would be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

John Bohmfalk
Biology Dept.
Hastings College
Hastings, NE  68902
bohmfalk at tcgcs.com

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