Protease Inhibitors (Martin Slade)

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Tue Nov 7 14:22:01 EST 1995

Recently, I read a reply to the following post from Martin Slade:

> <andrew at> wrote:
> Does anyone know of a protease inhibitor which might inhibit a protease 
> which is cleaving at a pair of basic residues. ie -Arg-Arg-.
> Serin proteases, as pc3 or furin, cleave at Arg-Arg and are inhibited 
> by EDTA among others. 

I could not relocate that post.  I am looking for Martin Slades e-mail 
address and for information on the protease inhibitors that he 
mentioned.(ie. E64 and AEBSE).

A reply post or e-mail of this information would be appreciated. Thanks.

Joseph Camire
hyclone3 at

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