simple question about heterocaryon

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Tue Nov 7 21:29:36 EST 1995

> Direct evidence that some plasma membrane proteins are mobile in the
> plane of the membrane is provided by a simple experiment using hybrid
> together (human proteins being visualized by antibodies coupled to rhodamine,
> and mouse proteins being visualized by fluoresceine).
> OK. However, does anyone knows whether the proteins move by themselve (by a
> simple lateral diffusion) or by an actin-dependant mechanism in such
> experiment.
> Thanks to let me know
> Philip Roingeard, Roingeard at

Dear Roingeard

 Maybe it is a diffusion process.
For,if it is induced by cytoskeletons,the distribution of both proteins on 
the surface of a heterocarion cell must have a special meaning.But the result
of the famous experiment seems to show random distribution,I suppose.

Kind Regards
Kenichiro Kashihara,a medical student of Tokyo Univ.

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