60 Cell Parts!!!

Mark Dalton Cray mwd at lenti.med.umn.edu
Sat Nov 11 14:41:39 EST 1995

Eric Hanson (HEGV95B at prodigy.com) wrote:
:      I am taking biology this year, and my teacher has assigned us to 
: gather names of 60 different cell parts, find pictures of each part, and 
: write each parts structure and function.  What I'm looking for is anyone 
: who can e-mail me some of this info, or point me to a good sight on the 
: net.  I really need help, so if you can provide me with any pictures of 
: cell parts, names of parts, and what their structure and function is, I 
: would really appreciate it!!!
:                                                Thanks, 
:                                      Eric Hanson  (HEGV95B at prodigy.com)

You can look at my 'WWW Courses' page:

Also I have somewhat of a 'WWW Cell Bio Course', I will be working on it
over the holidays (the pictures are hand drawn via computer freeware, xpaint)
So they are a little obnoxious as far as colors and quallity, bu the
idea is there.  (It needs a LOT of work).

Oh the address for that is:
	http://lenti.med.umn.edu/~mwd/cell.html  <-- The index.


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