hair sampling

Mon Nov 13 14:31:19 EST 1995

Our reflexologist took a shaving of my husband's hair (no follicles) and
had it analyzed by a biochemist.  Supposedly you can tell what chemicals
and toxins you have built up in your system by this sampling.  Then to
combat the problem you take a series of specially formulated vitamins to
get to back to a "normal" state.  For the most part, this reflexologist
has been helpful, but I find this a bit hard to accept, especially since
he told my husband that he will go regress back into past feelings, have
panic attacks, depression, etc.  I find it strange that just from hair
shavings, all of that can be determined.  I know very little about
the biological structure of hair, but just find this hard to believe.  To
bring is calcium, magnesium back to normal limits, the vitamins would cost
$149.00 a month until who knows when.  Does any of this make sense?


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