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Dear Betty,
Some people will believe anything. 
Hair consists almost entirely of keratin proteins (over 100 different
types). The cells that form the hair make large amounts of keratin and
ultimately die, so that the hair is a large agglomeration of keratins. If
you extract hair, you will no doubt find Ca, Mg etc, but so what? You can
also get a reading of these things from a blood sample, which reflect the
current state of your health.
The best way to get a good balance of these things is a good balanced diet,
as the nutritionists tell us - you know, fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates,
protein, etc. If you have a sensible diet (and avoid fast food) your
husband and you will be in peak health, with some exercise, of course.
The other advantage is that you will save $149 per month (why not $150, I
wonder?) and your husband can look forward to a bright future, rather than
regress into some depressed state (I suspect the panic attacks and
depression will arise from the thought of having to pay $1,800 per annum to
a snake oil salesman, sorry, reflexologist).
Next time he wants a hair cut - tell him to go to a barber.

>Our reflexologist took a shaving of my husband's hair (no follicles) and
>had it analyzed by a biochemist.  Supposedly you can tell what chemicals
>and toxins you have built up in your system by this sampling.  Then to
>combat the problem you take a series of specially formulated vitamins to
>get to back to a "normal" state.  For the most part, this reflexologist
>has been helpful, but I find this a bit hard to accept, especially since
>he told my husband that he will go regress back into past feelings, have
>panic attacks, depression, etc.  I find it strange that just from hair
>shavings, all of that can be determined.  I know very little about
>the biological structure of hair, but just find this hard to believe.  To
>bring is calcium, magnesium back to normal limits, the vitamins would cost
>$149.00 a month until who knows when.  Does any of this make sense?

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