High School Biology help!

R. R. Ronkin rronkin at cpcug.org
Sun Nov 26 20:40:43 EST 1995

Dear Sara, Ashley, Sumy,

The concepts are just not easy, but very rewarding when you finally 
master them.  Most college-freshman biology texts now contain
beginning-level explanations of electron transport chain and Krebs
cycle.  Unless you already have some chemistry in your background, I
suggest that you look for texts that do not assume a chemistry
background.  If your library is short on references, try Swarthmore

Another well illustrated source is the magazine _Scientific American_.
Work backwards through the annual subject indexes (the December issue, I
think) until you find something.  Cheers and good luck!

R. R. Ronkin
rronkin at cpcug.org

In article <rich-2411951438480001 at ara10.beardsley.swarthmore.edu>,
rich at itrc.dciu.k12.pa.us (Rich Joseph) wrote:
>We're students in a 9th grade accelerated biology class. Our text is
>Modern Biology by Holt Rineheart & Winston. My (Sara's) dad says the text
>is full of pictures, but short on details. Right now, we're studying the
>electron transport chain and Kreb's Cycle. Some of the concepts are
>difficult for us (and most of the other kids in our class) to understand.
>Our teacher tries, but sometimes her notes are confusing. 
>Is there someone out there who can help us get a handle on these and other
>ideas? Our parents say that we have to be responsible for finding other
>resources. Any suggestions for books, videos, newsgroups or web pages?
>Please write back  :)
>Sara Joseph, Ashley Petrylak & Sumy Phillip

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