HL-60 cells

Mary Ritke mritke at bio14.alleg.edu
Mon Nov 27 15:19:59 EST 1995

Hello bionet-ters

I am having a heck of a time with HL-60 cells, that I originally acquired  
from ATCC.  I have not been able to recover them from freezing.  I have no  
problem with any of my other 10 or so cell lines, so I don't think my  
freezing technique is suspect, at least for general use (10% DMSO, 50%  
serum, 40% Medium).  I also tried freezing them in 90% serum + 10% DMS,  
but that was also not successful.  Does anyone else work with these cells  
and have any good ideas for getting them back from frozen stocks?  I am  
afraid of losing these cells someday and having to buy them again.

Mary Ritke

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