RBC Ghosts

John Bohmfalk bohmfalk at tcgcs.com
Mon Nov 27 21:41:32 EST 1995

I need some information on preparing red cell ghosts for a Cell Bio. Lab. 
What are the best ionic conditions for preparing ghosts from mammalian
RBCs?  Also, what ionic conditions will allow red cell ghosts to reseal? 
What conditions, then, will prevent ghosts from resealing?  What treatment
of ghosts will remove most or all of the spectrin from the membrane?  What
other proteins are removed along with the spectrin?

Unfortunately, I don't have time to interlibrary loan articles which would
have these details.  I would sincerely appreciate any
information/assistance (e-mail or post) you can provide.

Thanks in advance.

John Bohmfalk
Biology Dept.
Hastings College
Hastings NE  68901
bohmfalk at tcgcs.com

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