High School Biology help!

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     Sara, Ashley and Suma,
     Here are some URLs for on-line educational sites in Biology and 
     Biochemistry that you may find useful. They are not meant to be 
     comprehensive, but rather to supplement textbook and classroom 
     materials. The emphasis is on reinforcing basic concepts. The first 
     site, in particular, contains some Quicktime videos that the high 
     school student who for me last summer found very helpful in 
     visualizing the events of electron transport and oxidative 
     phosphorylation. The URLs are:
     An Internet search may lead you to additional useful sites.
     Best wishes and good luck in your quest for knowledge.
     Margaret Martens

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Subject: High School Biology help!
Author:  rich at itrc.dciu.k12.pa.us (Rich Joseph) at Internet-Mail
Date:    11/26/95 08:51

We're students in a 9th grade accelerated biology class. Our text is 
Modern Biology by Holt Rineheart & Winston. My (Sara's) dad says the text 
is full of pictures, but short on details. Right now, we're studying the 
electron transport chain and Kreb's Cycle. Some of the concepts are 
difficult for us (and most of the other kids in our class) to understand. 
Our teacher tries, but sometimes her notes are confusing. 
Is there someone out there who can help us get a handle on these and other 
ideas? Our parents say that we have to be responsible for finding other 
resources. Any suggestions for books, videos, newsgroups or web pages?
Please write back  :)
Sara Joseph, Ashley Petrylak & Sumy Phillip

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