human tendon cell culture

Dr G.P. Riley gpr1003 at
Mon Oct 2 07:35:27 EST 1995

Tendon cells have been grown at our lab for some while.  See Chard et al.,
 Annals Rheumatic Diseases 46:385-390.  We found that cells had to be isolated
 by explant outgrowth - enzyme digestion of tissues was too harsh and no
 viable cells were extracted.  Cells were grown in DMEM 20mM HEPES 10% FCS
 and Pen/Strep/fungizone.  The cells are slow growing and might take 2 - 3
 weeks to grow out of the tissue.  We use cells at early passage (5 to 10)
 and these are also very slow growing.  Hope this info is useful. Pleased to
 hear more from you.
	Graham P Riley, Rheumatology Research Unit, Addenbrookes Hospital

gaz (100700.1135 at CompuServe.COM) wrote:
: culturing human tendon cells, any techniques, advice, references 
: ect extremely welcome


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