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Mon Oct 9 11:30:41 EST 1995

"Martin Kucej"  <KUCEJ at fns.uniba.sk> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
>I am trying to solve a problem of an unusual thermosensitive yeast
>mutant, which lyses at 37 C. The following occurs after the shift of
>this strain to the restrictive temperature:
> 1. a growth ceases (cells are arrested in different stages of the
>      cell  cycle)
> 2. cell volume drasticly decrases (cell shrinking, cytoplasmic
>      membrane separates from the cell wall)
> 3. DNA content of the cell pours off to the cytoplasm (nuclear
>      membrane probably disintegrates)
> Of course, this results in the death of the whole population of
>cells after several hours of incubation at 37 C.
> If you have ever met such a strange mutant strain, any suggestions
>or informations will be very useful for me. Thanks in advance
>                  Martin Kucej
>e-mail: kucej at fns.uniba.sk
>Martin Kucej
>Biochemistry Department
>Faculty of Natural Sciences UK
>Mlynska Dolina CH-1
Hi Martin,
looks like a major membrane (lipid) defect. Any data on lipids available?

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