Mitochondrial DNA misinformation

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     Thank you for correcting my error.  I was not aware of this 
     literature.  Please forgive the ignorance of a biochemist.  It is too 
     easy to get so deeply focused on pathways/mechanisms that one forgets 
     about the rest of the animal. :-)
     Margaret Martens

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Subject: Mitochondrial DNA misinformation
Author:  Jim Cummins <cummins at> at Internet-Mail
Date:    10/6/95 10:58

Sorry, this is just plain wrong, yet it persists in many texts.  Sperm 
definitely carry mitochondria into the egg.  There is a low a=
lbeit measurable level of paternal inheritance on mt DNA.  One of Allan Wilson's
last papers actually measured the rate of paternal =
inheritance of mitochondria in lab mice,
and found it to be around 10^-4 (Nature 352: 255-257 1991).

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