Sizes and functions of specific cells

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I'd be happy to direct you to a place where you can get the 
information that you need.  It's called a "library".

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> Subject:       Sizes and functions of specific cells
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> Dear Reader,
> What you are about to read is of dire importance.  I am in very big
> trouble.  I need to know the sizes of certain cells and their functions. 
> I am enclosing the information I request below.  Even if you know only one
> answer, or can direct me to a place where I can find an answer, I would
> greatly appreciate it.
> Sizes (in micrometers) of:
> Human white blood cell (T or B)
> Human epithelial cell (cheek cell)
> Onion Epidermis
> Tomato Cell
> Potato Cell
> Function of:
> Potato cell
> Onion Epidermis
> Tomato Cell
> Anything you can help me with I would LOVE!!
> Thank you very much.
> ---Traxtar
Frederick Garbrecht
Thomas Jefferson University
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