HA epitope tag antibodies

Tom Anderson babco at ix.netcom.com
Mon Oct 16 00:32:47 EST 1995

Excuse me if this sounds a bit like a bit like advertising, but a
number of people have posted items on this Usenet group in the past
several months about monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against the
HA epitope.  Although BAbCO had been back-ordered for the polyclonal
antibody against the HA epitope for several months, a new supply has
been characterized and is now available.  In addition, BAbCO has
generated a new monoclonal antibody with the same specificity, and has
selected a clone which produces an antibody that works particularly
well for epitope tagging.  If either of these antibodies is of
interest, please respone to one of the following:

Tracy King   tking at babco.com
Tom Anderson  tanders at babco.com

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