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resteele at (Rob Steele) wrote:
>As part of a project attempting to isolate a gene for an insulin-like gene
>from Hydra, I am anticipating (i.e. putting it in a grant proposal) the
>need to express such a gene in a mammalian cell line for production of the
>protein (for testing of its ability to bind to the receptor encoded by a
>Hydra gene we have cloned which encodes a relative of the insulin
>receptor). Is it possible to grow any of the mammalian cell lines that are
>commonly used for transfection in medium which is devoid of insulin and
>IGF's (so that we don't have to worry about having multiple insulin-like
>molecules in the medium, one from the cells and others from the medium
>itself)? It seems that most supplements for serum-free culture media
>contain insulin as one of their primary ingredients.
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Hi Rob,

Serum which is charcoal- and dextran-treated (you can get it from Hyclone) does not contain insulin.  You can ask the company about IGFs, but I know the general level of hormones is very low.  I think its worth trying !

Good luck,

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