insulin-free tissue culture medium

Rob Steele resteele at
Mon Oct 16 20:58:14 EST 1995

As part of a project attempting to isolate a gene for an insulin-like gene
from Hydra, I am anticipating (i.e. putting it in a grant proposal) the
need to express such a gene in a mammalian cell line for production of the
protein (for testing of its ability to bind to the receptor encoded by a
Hydra gene we have cloned which encodes a relative of the insulin
receptor). Is it possible to grow any of the mammalian cell lines that are
commonly used for transfection in medium which is devoid of insulin and
IGF's (so that we don't have to worry about having multiple insulin-like
molecules in the medium, one from the cells and others from the medium
itself)? It seems that most supplements for serum-free culture media
contain insulin as one of their primary ingredients.

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