2-D gels with phosphoproteins

Patsy RENARD prenard at biocell.fundp.ac.be
Tue Oct 17 05:54:12 EST 1995

Is there anyone who has already been successfull wit bi-dimensional gels
run on with 32P-labelled proteins ? If so, HOW ?

I am using the Pharmacia Biotech system with precast immobiline dry strip
gels for the first dimension and precast SDS polyacrylamide gradient gels
for the second dimension. I get very good results when I stain the gels
with silver. But if I run on phospho-labelled proteins (derived from
classical in vivo labelling protocols), I get a important background on
the autoradiography, making any analysis of the gel impossible.
Could you please indicate me how to decrease this background ?
Thanks for your attention.


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