p53 and radiosensitivity

kkashiha-tky at umin.u-tokyo.ac.jp kkashiha-tky at umin.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Wed Oct 18 04:44:11 EST 1995

Dear Netter

Hello.I am a medical student(and scientist)in Tokyo Univ.
Here I'd like to introduce my hypothesis on p53 molecule and radiosensitivity
of a cell.It is the story as follows.
It is well known that p53 molecule stops cell cycle and leads to apoptosis when
genome of a cell is injured,and moreover that it makes variable complex with
other transcription factors and antigens.So if p53 gene has a crucial mutation
its product must make abnormal complex or must not make normal complex.
It is also reported that cells which have mutation in p53 gene have low radio-
sensitivity.Why do you think it goes? I guess in this way;when DNA in a cell isinjured by radiant rays,a kind of acute protein is produced and makes a complexwith p53 molecule to stop its cycle.However when p53 gene has some crucial 
mutation,the acute protein does not make represser complex with p53 molecule,
which leads to low radiosensitivity:
What do you think or know about this idea?
If any reader has some information on proteins of this acute type,I should be 
pleased to have them.It should be called Radiation Shock Proteins = RSP after

Kenichiro Kashihara

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