BSA alternatives for immunoblocking?

Alan Alan
Tue Oct 31 15:24:43 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues

I am attempting to show the presence of sheep serum albumin (SSA) 
in various tissues of parasitic ticks infesting sheep.  I have a
polyclonal anti-BSA antibody and am using it for Western blotting (I 
could not find an anti-SSA commercially available, but believe the 
anti-BSA should cross-react).  My problem:  what can I use as a blocking
agent - dried milk or BSA cannot be used.  I tried 3% pig skin gelatin for
45 min but this gave unsatisfactory blocking as all of my sample proteins
lit up beautifully.

Does anyone have any ideas to alteratives regarding blocking proteins or
different protocols??


Alan S. Bowman

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