ONCONASE Enters Phase III Pancreatic Clinical Trial

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      Document 165
 DOCN AD950165
 TI   "ONCONASE Enters Phase III for Pancreatic Cancer"
 DT   950124
 SO   Business Wire (01/24/95)
 AB   Alfacell Corp. announced on Tuesday that it will commence Phase III
      clinical trials for ONCONASE, which is being tested in combination
      with tamoxifen to treat pancreatic cancer.  The FDA approved the
      company's Phase III protocol design--which calls for a randomized,
      multi-center trial--on Jan. 23.  ONCONASE has been established as a
      novel enzyme in both structure and function, and is now recognized as
      the smallest known member of the superfamily of pancreatic
      ribonucleases.  Alfacell is also working with the National Institutes
      of Health to study promising anti-viral activity exhibited by
      ONCONASE in in vitro tests against HIV-1. A study recently published
      in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that
      ONCONASE inhibited HIV in vitro by 99 percent.

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