Proving an (subcloned?) A549 cell is truly an A549 cell

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Mon Sep 4 10:19:00 EST 1995

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>I believe that I have subcloned an A549 cell line that has some 
>different characteristics (increased cell cycle, for example, and
>decreased adherence) from the (newly purchased) ATCC A549 cells.
>How do I prove that the subcloned cells are (or were) truly A549 cells?
>Would Southern blotting/RFLP be enough?
>Any ideas/approached or references of others who have done similar
>tasks would be greatly appreciated.

>Jennifer Rasmussen

I am also working with the A549 cell line. Every 3 months I check the DNA 

content of the cells with flow cytometry after PI staining. The A549 has about 

25% more DNA than normal diploid cells. You can confirm this also be preparing 

methaphase spreads and counting the chromosomes. Most of the A549 cells have 

about 60 chromosomes. The cell cycle time of our A549 is about 20 h.


Jose Coco Martin 

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