Staurosporine stimulation

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     Hi pos,
     It is a common misconception that staurosporine is a specific 
     inhibitor of protein kinase C.  Although a potent inhibitor of this 
     enzyme ( IC50 in low nM range), staurosporine also inhibits (amongst 
     others) cAMP and cGMP dependent protein kinases, and tyrosine kinases 
     such as src, all with IC50s in the nM range.  For a more specific 
     inhbitor of PKC, try having a look at bisindoyl maleimide 
     (ref.: Toullec et al., JBC vol 266 pp15771-15781, 1991).  
     This compound is available from Boerhinger Mannheim (no affiliation!)
     Cheers, Arturo Galvani
     Pharmacia BioPharmaceuticals Milan
     (all opinions expressed are strictly my own)
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Subject: Staurosporine stimulation
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Hello neters: I would like to know, to which signal transduction pathways, 
can one attribute the stimulatory effects of staurosporine, when it is 
generally suposed to be a specific PKC inhibitor. Thank you all!
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