Protein standards for DENATURING (9M urea) IEF

Stephen P. Driska PhD driska at
Mon Sep 11 10:21:05 EST 1995

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[ Posted on 11 Sep 1995 15:18:19 GMT ]

	Many companies sell protein standards for isoelectric focusing 
(IEF), but it seems that nearly all of the products are intended for
NON-DENATURING IEF of native proteins.  I'm looking for a standard
mixture for IEF under denaturing conditions, e.g. 9M urea, Nonidet P-40,

	The only product I have seen that seems like it would be
appropriate is the Sigma kit for 2-Dimensional electrophoresis.  This
kit only has 4 proteins, though, so it might not be complete enough for
what I want to do.

	There are lots of mixtures for 1D-SDS electrophoresis, but I
wouldn't necessarily expect these standards to have nice banding
patterns in IEF gels.  

	My question is, can any one tell me where I might buy a
standard mixture for denaturing IEF, or perhaps recommend a selection of
known proteins which could provide nice bands in 9 M urea ? 

		Thanks very much for your help,
				Steve Driska

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