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>> >From what I understand, the risk of infection increases in an acidic
>> >environment.   That's all I know.  Sorry
>> >The Quest for Knowledge is never ending...may we all find peace.
>> What is the pH of the cerebral spinal fluid?  What is the pH of breast
>> milk?  What is the pH of saliva?  What is the pH of blood?  What is the
>> pH of tears?  What is the pH of bronchial secretions?  What is the pH
>> of any bodily fluid that I have not mentioned?
>According to Churchill's medical dictionary, the normal pH of arterial
>blood is in the range 7.35-7.45, whilst urine is in the range 4.5-8.0
>(depending on diet) but averages about pH 6.0. There is no data in this
>book on pH of bodily tissues or other fluids, although if I recall
>correctly inflammatory exudates are acidic. If you still want more data,
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