phospholipase D

Mon Sep 11 12:18:41 EST 1995

In article <373aa324 at>, postmaster at (Administrador del nodo) writes:
>Hello cell biologists: I would like to know wich is the cell-fisiological 
>role of the transphosphatidilization reaction carried out by PLD in presence 
>of short chain alcohols? Wich compounds does the PLD sinthezise normally 
>with this reaction? Is PLD's PC breakdown reversible?
>				If anyone can answer, thank you.

I don't think there is a PHYSIOLOGICAL role for the use of alcohols by PLD,
since alcohols of this sort are really physiogic (at least in mammals). 
Normally, PLD hydrolyzed PC to PA (phosphatidic acid) and choline.  
I should point out that there are undoubtedly many different PLD enzymes,
although we know little about molecular identities yet (I believe only one
eukaryotic enzyme has been cloned to date).

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