Mon Sep 11 12:15:17 EST 1995

In article <42kka0$rp at>, rw200 at (R. Woodward) writes:
>Dear All
> Can any one help? I would like to know the best method to use in order to
> biotinylate membrane proteins either in a test tube or when they
> are bound to nitrocellulose.
>  R.Woodward
>  Email rw200 at
We have had good luck biotinylating both intact cells and isolated proteins
using biotinylation reagents from Pierce (US 1-800-874-3723; Europe Pierce
Europe BV, PO Box 1512 3260 BA-Oud Beijerland, Holland Phone 31.1860.19277).
Their technical service people are very good at helping you choose which of
their many reagents is suitable for a given application.  For your purposes, I
think the biotin-NHS-LCII would probably be best, but talk to Pierce.  

*NOTE* I have NO connection to Pierce and receive no remuneration from them.

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