Database: Glycosylation in glycoproteins?

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There is Carbbank - which is not strictly on the internet, but can be 
downloaded (70 MB when inflated) which allows searching by keyword, 
author, structure, etc. However, it is cumbersome to use. (Available by 
FTP from NCBI FTP site.)

>If not, can anyone tell me which of the following proteins (losted below)
>that contains O-linked sugars (specially if they contain

* +  alpha2-macroglobulin (kininogen) (human)             YES
* +? immunoglobulin A1 (human)                            YES
* +? immunoglobulin A2 (human)                            Perhaps
* -  alpha1-antitrypsin (human)                           Don't think so
* -  alpha1-acid glycoprotein (orosmucoid) (bovine)       Don't know
* +  alpha2-HS glycoprotein (human)                       YES
* +  chymotrypsinogen A (bovine)                          Don't know
* -  alpha-casein (bovine)                                Think so
>(+ means that my lectin binds to the protein and - no binding).

Basis for some of these answers - Wilson, et al 1991 Biochem. J. 275, 

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