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Sorry folks, but this is plain advertising with no other purpose and has 
no place on the bionet. This inappropriate and thoughtless use of the 
bionet will only make it harder for those of us in service providers who 
are trying to follow the rules and use the net appropriately.  Please 
clean up your act.

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On 11 Sep 1995, PandaGroup wrote:

> The Panda Group, Inc. announces the availability of its TECHSCAN 
> (sm) services for companies in the biomedical and biotechnology 
> industries, including diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, 
> biopharmaceuticals, biologicals, etc.
> TECHSCAN (sm) is a technology assessment service by which 
> participants in international biomedical and biotechnology 
> industries can keep abreast of the latest technology developments 
> arising in the United States and Canada.  Our consultants will 
> survey the scientific, technical, and industrial literature 
> concerning your interests.  They will then assess the scientific 
> and commercial potential of each finding, and report to you on 
> the key progress in your areas of interest, along with summaries 
> and comments on each item.
> TECHSCAN (sm) is a convenient and efficient means of monitoring 
> technological advances made in research centers, hospitals, 
> universities, and by competitors.  Unlike literature searches, 
> TECHSCAN (sm) provides you with only prescreened information 
> based on your search criteria and the technical expertise of our 
> consultants, and cogent commentary on each entry.  It can provide 
> the basis for the acquisition and licensing of new technology 
> developed in North America.
> TECHSCAN (sm) is also a proprietary service.  That is, The Panda 
> Group, Inc. will not perform searches and assessments of the same 
> technology for companies in direct competition in the same 
> markets.  You can, therefore, be assured that the information you 
> pay for will provide you with a market edge over your 
> competition.  In addition, TECHSCAN (sm) subscribers have access 
> to the complete consulting capabilities of The Panda Group, Inc. 
> for further investigation of selected technologies and initiation 
> of licensing/acquisition contacts in the United States and 
> Canada.  TECHSCAN (sm) can provide companies outside of North 
> America with an important source of technological intelligence 
> and opportunity.
> For further information, e-mail us at PandaGroup at or 
> phone/fax our offices at 1-619-436-4341.
> =====================
> Founded in 1983, The Panda group, Inc. is a Southern California-
> based, internationally recognized consulting firm specializing in 
> the biomedical and biotechnology industries.  It's client list 
> includes many well-know multinational corporations as well as 
> smaller biomedical and biotechnology companies.
> Dr. Ken Krul              "Cole's Law - Thinly sliced cabbage"
> The Panda Group, Inc.      ___  __      -   - __    __
> Rancho La Costa, CA       /__/ /__\   / \ / /  \  /__\
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