HELP! Thyrosine Hydroxylase HELP!

ksasaki at ksasaki at
Tue Sep 12 11:24:56 EST 1995

>Hallo! I have a lot of problems with my immunoblotting jobs, because I
>can't find any positive control cells for Thyrosine Hydroxylase. Can
>someone help me ? Can you tell me what cells are suitable ? Thank you in

You might try rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cells.  Tyrosine hydroxylase is
abundantly expressed even under basal conditions (without any stimulation).
 On top of that, you can easily expand this cell line as much as you like. 
I have heard  PC12 cell lysate for immunoblotting is commercially available
from Transduction Laboratories, U.S.A.  In Europe, contact Affiniti
Research Products Ltd.  Phone: +44/0 602 436100.  

I have no affiliation with these companies : ).

Hope this helps.

K. Sasaki, M.D.
National Cancer Center, Tokyo, Japan

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