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Amy Sears Lab Account searslab at bimcore.emory.edu
Wed Sep 13 16:50:45 EST 1995

Siddharth Balachandran (sbalach at emory.edu) wrote:
: Hi! I am a first-year graduate student, currently in a biochemistry
: course. A couple of class mettings back, my prof. mentioned in passing
: the presence of a 21st essential amino acid, and asked us to identify
: it. My limited literature search has yielded no results thus far. Does 
: someone know more about this?  Any help will be appreciated. Please e-
: mail me at sbalach at emory.edu. Thanks a lot! 

Hi.  From the prospectives of a second and fourth year who have already 
taken this course (and know the answer after not so extensive searching 
when we took this same course), you should use your materials at hand and 
look again.  Newsgroups are a good way to get opinions from collegues in 
your field, but are not meant to be an answer book or short cut for your 
coursework and career.

	Have fun at 8 tomorrow morning,
		2nd and 4th year survivors of IBS520.

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