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Jonathan Mazer szmazer at chip.ucdavis.edu
Tue Sep 12 16:53:31 EST 1995

Siddharth Balachandran (sbalach at emory.edu) wrote:
: Hi! I am a first-year graduate student, currently in a biochemistry
: course. A couple of class mettings back, my prof. mentioned in passing
: the presence of a 21st essential amino acid, and asked us to identify
: it. My limited literature search has yielded no results thus far. Does 
: someone know more about this?  Any help will be appreciated. Please e-
: mail me at sbalach at emory.edu. Thanks a lot! 


    I've been doing AAA off and on for 16 years and the only one I can 
think off might be ornithine, a derivative of arginine found in the urea 
cycle during the degradation of amines in the cell. It is naturally 
occuring, but it is never found as part of the sequence on a protein. 
Taurine might be another (slim) possibility, but I doubt it. Good luck. 

    -Jonathan Mazer

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