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Hans T.H. Beernink hbeernin at protein.med.uvm.edu
Thu Sep 14 16:24:21 EST 1995

szmazer at chip.ucdavis.edu (Jonathan Mazer) wrote:
>Siddharth Balachandran (sbalach at emory.edu) wrote:
>: Hi! I am a first-year graduate student, currently in a biochemistry
>: course. A couple of class mettings back, my prof. mentioned in passing
>: the presence of a 21st essential amino acid, and asked us to identify
>: it. My limited literature search has yielded no results thus far. Does 
>: someone know more about this?  Any help will be appreciated. Please e-
>: mail me at sbalach at emory.edu. Thanks a lot! 

selenocysteine is required, but I cannot say if it is an "essential" amino acid in the strictest sense, as cysteine is not considered essential.....

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